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Without a doubt more about Anonymous Asexual

Without a doubt more about Anonymous Asexual

Rating Overview

On very first l k it isn’t the thing that is worst, but on closer assessment this has means t many flaws to be above a two. But, she actually is attempting to enhance, which means this rating may alter.

Bitchy primary character, bitchy minority, bitchy love interest, bitchy straw males.

I do believe Luna possessed a Patreon, but i cannot make sure.

What is not to ever love about another furious trans woman drawing comics straw that is attacking?


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  • 2 Downfall
  • 3 Tale and Plot
  • 4 Art review
  • 5 review that is writing
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We first discovered this webcomic regarding the discussion boards, and after reading it I am able to properly state it really is a chimera that is foul of and Assigned Male, although not since bad as either.


This webcomic constantly sucked.

Tale and Plot

Art review

Luna’s art has improved quite a bit within the years, but there is nevertheless a great deal to be desired. Their poses be removed searching stiff and squatty; they usually have a tendency that is bad draw hands reduced than they must be, specially when they are at an angle. Systems are not attracted to measure with heads. Their facial expressions are bland and have a tendency to l k copy/pasted with small r m for exaggeration, as s n as they’ve been exaggerated it l ks actually down from the rigid posing and models. How they color blush is indeed saturated it l k like the character’s face is burned and clashes pretty p rly with the muted colors they otherwise use that it makes. If you find shading, it is carried out by going along in value regarding the color wheel and eventually ends up making a muddled, grayed down l k.

Writing review

The character that is main self-insert, Luna, is an adolescent with t thpaste locks and a fiery anger for folks they disagree with.