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Does relationship suggest the samething as a relationship?

Does relationship suggest the samething as a relationship?

I have a detailed feminine friend who told me she talk to me im always trying to end our relationship that she feels as everytime. It caught me personally by surprise because she had been psychological just a little. But she had been speaing frankly about 3 weeks hence whenever I advised we you need to be colleagues and not buddies.

We had beenn’t pressing she ended up being constantly nagging me about stupid material. She had been getting jealous of other friends that are female. Many importantly i beem client on her to communicate she feels when she feels it and she didn’t she only tell me when she gets mad with me about how. The finish of relationship lasted every day. She just managed to get strange for everyone at the office. a shared buddy came and talked for me. We good now.

Past couple of days i guess she been dealing with one thing because she stated “she’ll be okay she simply picking right up the pieces. She does not want to share it.” But in the sametime she been psychological beside me. We thought she desired to end the relationship through text yesterday.

Today she asked me personally why do I usually like to end our relationship each time she text me. We just at her other job text her when she. She felt some kind of means about this.