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Without a doubt about Tila Tequila from the Howard Stern Show

Without a doubt about Tila Tequila from the Howard Stern Show

Howard stated that a moms and dad should have tough love at times. Tila stated which wasn’t the reasons why. She stated that Casey informed her why it was done by them and it also wasn’t about medications or such a thing. Howard asked exactly what it had been about. Tila told a story that is convoluted an use and exactly how this entire thing took place with Casey along with moje hiperЕ‚Д…cze her moms and dads. It had beenn’t easy to follow.

Howard stated he believed that the household ended up beingn’t pleased with her medication usage and stuff. Tila stated that is not exactly just exactly what it had been about. She stated that whenever you’ve got a young kid inside your life you need to be able to help and raise them. Then the person is going to start to rebel if you take away that money and love. She said all Casey wanted had been love.

Howard stated Tila just knew Casey for a before getting engaged month. Tila said that they had extremely intimate stories they would share together. They got near extremely fast.

Howard asked why Tila allow her friends and family simply take sets from her house. She stated she ended up being and they lied to her. She stated these people were saying they certainly were likely to come over and help her down and additionally they arrived like 6 hours early. Tila stated these were violent plus they had been demanding these things it was all shocking and confusing to her from her so. She stated them bring the stuff out to their vehicles that she even helped. She said that perhaps the Paparazzi had been asking her why she was doing that.

Howard asked whom turned up to just take the material. It ended up being said by her had been Nikki Hilton and Bijou Phillips. Howard asked where her stuff is currently. Tila stated they took your dog and she believes it put to sleep and buried with Casey that they had. Howard stated he thought they wouldn’t do something like that that they were animal activists and.