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What exactly is fetlife? This entry represents the start of, “DCMerlin’s help Guide to FetLife”.

What exactly is fetlife? This entry represents the start of, “DCMerlin’s help Guide to FetLife”.

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If We continue using the website and see more problems and workarounds, i am prone to divide this into chapters when I did with my Guide To OKCupid

My week that is first on i have made numerous discoveries and discovered many frustrations:I regret to express that just about any development seems associated with some type of recognized weakness concerning the web web web site. I regret this as some will feel i am dissing the website. Personally I think that by pointing them down, I am able to assist users that are new adjust more quickly to your web web site, and possibly help web site operators to treat a few of these problems.

I am beginning the guide while my findings as being an user that is new nevertheless clear in my experience, as it can assist other brand new users get going.

Bookmarking Users of Interest: My advice to anybody not used to your website and enthusiastic about determining whom to make contact with, besides those individuals you currently understood and feel safe friending, is always to take advantage of your on line Browser’s Bookmark system, since Fetlife won’t have a “Favorite’s” option like OKCupid does. The buddy system on FetLife is really a shared one, rather like Facebook.

Messaging Fetlife users: Messaging is easy. Doing this in a smart way is much less as simple it really is on OKCupid. Your alternatives are to make use of your web web web browser’s bookmark system’s “Description” function, as described within the next paragraph, to juggle all of it in your thoughts, to make use of index cards, or even to shoot down a contact to every person while you encounter them.